The Citation School

FITS member

CE-510 Mustang Initial Training and Type Rating

(Conducted in your Airplane)

Depending on your previous flight experience, I will design a 3-5 day accelerated type rating course based on your schedule.

Insurance Company Approved...

I am approved by most Insurance Underwriters to provide training in the Cessna Citation. Others are approved on a case by case basis. Please contact me to check the status of your underwriter or have your insurance agent contact me.

Day 1-Ground School and Oral Prep
Aircraft Systems
Fuel System
Environmental Systems
Oxygen System
Flight Controls and Spoilers
Wing Flaps & Speed Brakes
Flight Instruments
Electrical Systems
Hydraulic System
Avionics and Auto-pilot
Landing Gear
Wheels & Brakes
Weight and Balance Review
Performance and Flight Planning
Day 2-4 In Aircraft Training
Preflight Preparation
Performance and Limitations
Pre-Takeoff Checks
Normal and Crosswind Takeoff
Instrument Takeoff and Departures
Engine Failure during Takeoff
Rejected Takeoff
Recovery from Unusual Attitudes
Stalls and Stall Recovery
Steep Turns
Engine Shutdown and Relight
Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures
Holding Procedures
Precision Approaches
Non-precision Approaches
Circling Approach
Missed Approach
Normal & Crosswind Landings
Landing from a Precision Approach
Approach and Landing with Engine Failure
Landing From a Circling Approach
No or Partial Flap Landing
Normal and Abnormal Procedures
Emergency Procedures
After Landing and Shut Down Procedures
Final day
Check ride

Total number of hours: As required for proficiency.

FEE: $3995.00 using your aircraft. Plus travel expenses if required.

A 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases.

Call Bonny at 843-521-9412 or email to schedule your training.