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Cessna Citation Training

500 510 525 Series

Professional pilots are in the best position to determine what type of training works for them. For some, it's attending a big name school and being in class 8 hours a day reviewing theoretical knowledge. For others, they prefer to train to proficiency and learn more practical information. The training to proficiency concept is the hallmark of my business. Although I have an insurance approved syllabus, I am not so tied to a Part 142 curriculum that I can't tailor my program to my student's requirements and timeline. Rather than rehash the same old information, I reinforce the skills already mastered and incorporate the latest operational and procedural changes. Of course, aircraft system training is included to help you recognize the limitations and capabilities of your Cessna Citation. As an A&P mechanic, I know the systems, but more importantly, I teach you what you need to know without wasting time. I strive to make each training event challenging and create a long term training partnership with my students. This continuity allows me to get to know my students and their unique operations. I then create an individualized training plan for each student. The proven Cessna Citation airframe has enjoyed many years of service. These airplanes are stable and forgiving, and comprise a large percentage of the corporate jet fleet. The key to the Citation's safety record is continuous training. My goal is to improve your aircraft handling skills, decision making abilities, Crew Resource Management and overall safety while flying the Cessna Citation.

Douglas Carmody
CE-500, 510, 525
Charleston SC