I endeavor to keep my prices low while delivering excellent training. To avoid any confusion about what I charge, I have listed my price breakdown.

Training at my offices:

You train in your Citation at my office in Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC, then you will pay:

$2,995.00 for Recurrent Training in a Cessna Citation 510 Mustang.

$2,995.00 for Recurrent Training in a Cessna Citation 525 CJ. (Any model)

$2,995.00 for Recurrent Training in a Cessna Citation 500 series. (Any model)

$2,995.00 for Recurrent Training in a Cessna Citation 560XL or 560XLS model.

$3,995.00 for Recurrent Single Pilot Wavier Training in a Cessna Citation 500 series.

Differences between models of the same type is $500.

I offer a 10% discount off the second pilot’s tuition if you both train together on the same day in the Savannah or Charleston office.

Travel Training

If you want me to travel to you, I require a minimum of 2 students training together. 

Initial Type Training

I offer the initial type rating on a personalized basis. Please call for time requirements and pricing.


We are approved by most insurance companies but check with your agents prior to scheduling. I also need a waiver of subrogation listing Douglas S. Carmody as additional insured.

Travel Fees

I pick the airlines and I can buy a non-refundable or fully refundable airline ticket. The choice is yours. Consider your pilot’s and airplane’s availability prior to scheduling. You are responsible for change fees. I normally stay at Hilton or Marriott properties. I make my own reservations. I also arrange my own rental car.


Things happen, especially in aviation. If I get sick or have to cancel your training, I will refund your money or reschedule you. If you cancel, or take a trip, I do not refund your money, but will reschedule you in the next available training slot. Keep in mind that I book 30-45 days out. If one or more of your pilots cancel, I still charge for their training.


I do not bill for my training. Payment for travel expenses is required prior to the training date. You can reimburse my expenses by credit card but please have a check for the actual tuition on the first day of training.

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