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CE-500 Series Single Pilot Exemption

Insurance Company Approved...

I am approved by most Insurance Underwriters to provide training in the Cessna Citation. Others are approved on a case by case basis. Please contact me to check the status of your underwriter or have your insurance agent contact me.

Executive Flight Training has received its own single pilot exemption from the FAA and is now able to offer CE-500 Series Single Pilot Initial and Recurrent Training Courses for the CE-500 series aircraft.

Successful completion of our FAA approved Single Pilot (SP) course allows you to fly any Citation 500 series aircraft with one pilot.

The models included in exemption 17166 are:

CE-500 / Citation 500 / CE-550 - Citation II / CS550 - Citation SII / CE-550 Bravo/CE-560 - Citation V / CE-560 Ultra / CE-560 Encore

The Pilot Requirements include:

1st or 2nd class Medical
ATP or Commercial certificate
CE-500 Type Rating
At least 1000 hours total time
50 hours of night flight
75 hours instrument (40 actual)
500 hours as PIC or SIC in turbine powered airplanes

The airplane requirements include:

Autopilot with approach coupling
Flight director system
Boom microphone
Transponder "ident" button on pilots control wheel.

The Training Course

The Single Pilot Exemption Training Course combines recurrent training and Single Pilot Wavier training. It normally takes two to three days to successfully complete and is valid for 12 months. It includes a Final Exam and a 61.58 Check ride in the aircraft.

Total number of hours: As required for proficiency.
Fee: $3995.00 using your aircraft. $8500 in our Citation II. Discounts for additional pilots. Plus travel expenses if required.

Difference Training between different models of the same airframe. $500 plus add an extra day to training schedule.
A 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases.
Call Bonny at 843-521-9412 or email dscarmody@safepilot.com to schedule your training.

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