Single Pilot Initial or Recurrent Training

CE-500 Series

My single pilot wavier program teaches you the skills necessary to safely fly your Citation without a copilot.

Citation Diagram

I offer single pilot Citation training utilizing my Fly Safe Train Smart ™ program. In addition to teaching you to fly your Citation as a single pilot, I instill risk management techniques to enhance your ability to make prudent safety decisions when flying alone.

Program Includes:

  • Computer Based Training focused on single pilot challenges. This module is completed prior to training.
  • One-on-one ground school reviewing single pilot reaction to normal, abnormal and emergency procedures.
  • Several simulator sessions to get your single pilot flows and instrument scan up to speed and review maneuvers that are best completed in a simulator.
  • Flight training to proficiency in your Citation using your avionics. This allows you to learn at your pace.

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