Initial PIC or SIC Type Rating

Cessna 500, 510, 525 or 560XL

CE-510 Mustang

The requirements for a Citation type rating are spelled out in the Airline Transport Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS). Generally, you can earn your Citation type rating in one of two ways. You can choose a big name simulator school, which takes approximately three weeks of ground school and simulator training to complete. Or you can choose a combination of training in the airplane and in the simulator in a much shorter time frame.

In the end, you decide between attending a class with group teaching practices or being individually tutored where the sole focus is on your specific strengths and weaknesses.

I offer professional tutoring with my Fly Safe Train Smart ™ program. In addition to teaching you to fly your Citation to ATP standards, I instill a safety culture by utilizing common sense as well as proven techniques. These safety practices will stick with you during your entire flying career.

My program includes:

  • Computer Based Training which you complete prior to arrival.
  • One-on-one ground school reviewing normal, abnormal and emergency systems and performance calculations.
  • Several simulator sessions to get your instrument scan up to speed and review maneuvers that are best completed in a simulator.
  • Flight training to proficiency in your Citation using your avionics. This allows you to learn at your pace.

An authorized examiner conducts the oral/flight exam and issues you a new certificate with the type rating upon completion. We can help you set up the check ride.

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