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Comprehensive, insurance-approved Cessna Citation
flight and simulator training.

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Training that Matches Your Experience

My goal is to provide a great learning experience by creating a personalized training scenario based on your Cessna Citation experience level, type of flying and personal goals.

Whether you need an initial type rating, a single pilot wavier or recurrent training, I have a program for you.

560xl Recurring Training

Fly Safe Train Smart

Simulator and In-Aircraft Training

Choose the right training combination. My Fly Safe Train Smart ™ concept combines a full motion simulator with in-aircraft training using your Citation. This insurance approved training combination allows you to practice system failures, upsets, V1 cuts, failed instruments, and more in a realistic and safe environment.

Even though it’s a great teaching tool, simulators do not replicate the exact avionics suite in your airplane. My in-flight training focuses on the intricacies of your modern avionics interfacing with your legacy airframe. In short, instrument approaches need to be done in your airplane with your avionics! I also feel that ground school is an import part of your overall training. I don’t overwhelm you with system details but I do emphasize information that will help you operate your Citation safely and efficiently. Advanced avionics operation are discussed. Evolving procedures including NexGen, RNPs, and TAAs are explained.

I specialize in legacy Citations and many of them have been retrofitted with upgraded avionics. So, I help you integrate the differences between old and new technology. It all adds up to a safer, smarter choice for Citation training.

Citation Flight Simulator
Douglas Carmody Cessna Citation Instructor

About the Instructor

Douglas Carmody is a former airline Captain with over 30,000 flight hours. He has over 32 years of instructional experience in turbine aircraft. Along with being a contract instructor, he's also a corporate pilot, a charter pilot, a licensed A & P Mechanic, and author of 15 aviation books and numerous magazine articles.

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“I want you to know that I enjoyed the training and the entire experience at Executive Flight Training. It was professional and of great value to me.”

Jim Tompkins,
Atlanta East Aviation

“If you ever need a reference for potential candidates feel free to give them my name, I’m a satisfied customer.”

John Barrass

“I just returned from Doug Carmody’s Refresher Course at Executive Flight Training in Beaufort, SC… It was worth it – both the course and the trip to Beaufort.”


“Thank you so much for a great course. I can’t recommend you highly enough and I think the one major thing I will take with me is that type ratings on a serious aircraft can be done properly and well, in an environment of comfort and friendliness. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to further my career on these wonderful series of aircraft that you are so familiar with. I promise to always be safe and with your training, I will be.”

Joe D.

“I recently completed my annual refresher training with Doug Carmody at Executive Flight Training in Beaufort, SC, and as in years past, I left confident in the training I received. This was my fourth refresher trainer period with Doug…I need a satisfactory training environment overseen by someone who can see my weaknesses and work with me to overcome them. This is where Doug Carmody excels.”

B. Word

“Carmody conceived of and teaches intensive courses that bring airline procedures to general aviation.”

Jack Cowell

“Capt. Carmody is a seasoned professional pilot with a gift for teaching. His thorough, up-to-date mastery of all aspects of aviation, including IFR, is complemented by a strong ability to synthesize and impart knowledge. His skill as an instructor is comparable to the best teaching I have experienced at major universities.”

Virgil Moorefield, Ph.D., Princeton University

“Capt Doug, I want to say thank you once again for the training and confidence building you provided. Once again thanks, and stay safe.”


“…Thank you very kindly for the excellent facilities and superlative training you provided me. The wealth of aviation experience and practical knowledge you offer students is phenomenal. Thank you so much for making it all fun, real, and immediately applicable…”

Devan Shepherd

“I appreciate your help and will gladly recommend you to all these JNXers that need similar help. It was easy to recognize the tremendous difference between the quality of your training and most of what I have seen in the past.”

Jerry T. Dalton

“I have never meet anyone as focused, and knowledgeable about all aspects of aviation…”

Dr. Perter DeFranco

“I would recommend your course to anyone without reservation and I feel very privileged that I was able to complete this with you. Thanks again for having patience with me, thanks for the education and the knowledge I received. I can’t imagine there is a better place to train.”

Jim Hanna

“Practicing various engine failure scenarios in your simulator was great experience and a good refresher. Hope to see you again soon.”

Bill Shira

“Doug, just wanted to say thanks for all your help and patience. You are a great instructor and I am sure I will be in touch for further instruction down the road. Thanks!”


“Your school was everything you represented it to be. The cost wasn’t an expense, it was an investment in flying skills and knowledge.”

Greg Shipley

…I know I am an improved pilot (at least a better thinking one!) than I was when I arrived. I would recommend your instructional program to anyone without hesitation.”

Hank Sander

“Flying with an active airline captain gave me the training that I was looking for. I wanted an in-depth, comprehensive, and practical approach and you delivered.”

David Renaud

“His syllabus was obviously carefully designed to ensure I was completely familiar with all of the aircraft systems and their operation.”

Larry W. Wiedner ll

“Doug’s teaching style made the training both fun and extremely useful.”

Robert Pullman

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